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The advantages of a virtual fair

The fairs are a unique opportunity for the companies that are taken part in.

A fair is a meeting place between the company and the consumer in which it is possible to meet new customers, to take inspiration for innovative projects and to make other collaborations.

The traditional fair allows clients to get to know different companies and new products, to expand the network of contacts in a limited time frame and in a reduced physical space.

The development of the traditional fair.

Wirebook is the first digital platform that has a commercial part called “wirebooking” dedicated to its affiliated funeral companies. So far, there are seventy partner companies!

The goal of wirebooking is to promote healthy competition among companies, to build a deep network of professionals, to increase the visibility of each company and increase profits.

Why do you need to take part in the virtual fair?

I listed five reasons that explain the advantages of a virtual fair in a simple and effective way.

  1. To expand the contacts network

Businessmen call the way in which the network of contacts is expanding like “networking”. The virtual fair gives to the company the opportunity of meeting people who may be interested in its services. 


  1. To exchange contacts

The people who take part in a trade fair are clients or entrepreneurs interested in those particular products/services.

This is an important aspect, the virtual fair is a perennial showcase that helps companies to get to know each other, to establish a working relationship and..  we know that “united we stand, divided we fall”.

  1. The is no time limit

The possibility of having no time limits is the fundamental aspect of the network. This is an unlimited advantage compared to the traditional fair. Generally, it lasts one week while the virtual fair is a perennial one that is open twenty-four seven.

Wirebook offers funeral services that will serve anyone sooner or later. I am sorry for my honesty!

Wirebook is the first digital platform that gives to the customers the opportunity to go in a fair at any time of the day. 

  1. There is no space limit

It has no space limits, this is another fundamental aspect of the virtual fair. The traditional fair has a physical space composed of a series of stands that have reserved their place at a certain time of the year. Indeed, on wirebook there is no space limit.. there is room for everyone!

You will realize it as soon as you will do a virtual tour, by clicking on the direct link:

  1. To improve “one’s identity”

Getting in touch with new companies can help improve the company’s identity.

At Wirebook, we want to encourage communication among companies because we believe in improvement and development through the exchange and comparison of ideas.

A perennial showcase that displays services and products from different companies is an added value for us. Wirebook wants to generate a healthy competition for improving the brand identity of the companies and to offer the customer clarity and transparency in the purchase.



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