Welcome everyone to our blog. My name is Elia Angelini

 I am the founder and coordinator of Wirebook LTD which has been contributing valid innovations to the funeral industry since three years ago.

 In March 2018, I published my first book called “Vivere per sempre”, online downloaded for thousands of copies. It explains how to overcome painful changes and choices that everyone has to face during the lifetime and how to find the solution in Wirebook, a digital platform in line with the times.

Wirebook is the only digital platform which brings together the best companies of the funeral industry with customers that can do an online consulting of their products.   (eg. booking).

Business communication is changing very fast, don’t fall behind, keep up with us!

Wirebook aims to connect people who are suffering from the mourning of every part of the world on a web portal.

Wirebook has a commercial part called “Wirebooking” addressed to the companies that have been working in the field for long. Right now, on Wirebook there are already seventy clients companies. Our mission is to create a professional networking companies. In this way, Wirebook can give visibility to our customers who will increase their income and, at the same time, we can help support needy people.

 In fact, Wirebook supports some associations that provide comfort and care for end of life and for long-term rehabilitation after a road traffic crash. (eg. Ant e Vittime della strada)


Why do you need to join with Wirebook?

  •  You will be the first to receive the visibility that a company like yours deserves;
  •  You will get benefits on our services in terms of economic savings;
  •  You will be part of the first funeral social-commerce platform that will allow your customers to easily find you on the web or we will direct them to your company.
  •  You will be the reference point of the territory that interests you;
  • You will get a professional and original image in your sector;
  • Together, we will support the volunteers who work for making the end of life of terminally ill patients more comfortable;
  •  You will be part of a special group and you will have the chance to become an integral part of our project. You will receive a free and unprecedented bonus by joining Wirebooking as well as having many professional services. (What if someone would have offered you a free Facebook quote ten years ago?)  .
  • Wirebook LTD is the only company able to offer you this opportunity;
  • Wirebook is not for everyone, it’s only for companies that want to work in a professional manner and to move with the times.;


 I invite you to reflect on what I said and to take it seriously. Now, is the time for changing! If you believe in the values ​​and objectives that I and the team of Wirebook share, do not hesitate to contact me!

Don’t waste your time!

Below my contacts:

Elia Angelini  

Mobile:+39 345 61 21 795

E-mail: elia.angelini@wirebook.com

Web: www.wirebook.com