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A company that wants to keep up with the times must invest in communication.

It has to use all the technology tools, from social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to the realization of promotional videos of the product and/or service that the company offers.

Let’s put ourselves on the customer’s side.

What does it mean?

The clearer the company target is, the clearer to the customer is what he is looking for.

It’s essential that the customer has clear ideas. 

Clarity can’t come from only the ideas of the customer who, sometimes, does not even know what he is really looking for…

Confusion rules on the web now, it’s essential that companies know and know how to transmit and communicate in a clear and honest way what they produce.

The clearer the goal is, the faster the research to reach it will be.

For example, if a couple decides to get married, they will look for the right restaurant for the occasion.  They are not pleased by the restaurant downstairs they go to on Sundays!

If I want to do judo, I will look for a gym, instead, if I want to lose weight, I will look for another gym.

Similarly, if I feel lonely or bored and I need to meet new people I will go on Facebook.  The same goes for work. What do I do, if I want to expand my contacts? I do a professional profile on LinkedIn.

Why would a company need a video that promotes its business?

  1. The video increases the visibility of the company on the web
  2. Video messages are much more effective than text and images. They involve all the senses and are fixed in the memory because of moving images.
  3. The video on a web page leads the user to spend more time on the page. It’s very likely that the user will remember the video more than the whole content of the page. Videos are excellent tools for presenting and explaining to people and can be easily integrated into corporate communication strategies
  4. Making protagonists the people of the company creates a strong bond with the company brand and the user perceives the brand as being at hand, real, familiar, concrete, personal.
  5. It’s a play: the video is more fun!
  6. There is a good chance that the videos will become part of the Google SERP, helping the index and the quality of the content to be improved.

What are we talking about?

If you are a company that works in the funeral industry and you are looking to increase and to promote your business, wirebook is for you!

 Now, the best way to keep fit for a company is to keep up with the times!

Contact us for your promotional video.

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