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Innovation pioneers

Wirebook LTD is a group formed by three businessmen who have the courage to dare and live the present with their eyes always turned towards the future.

They look at the markets’ changes and at the way of working of worldwide large companies.

Wirebook LTD born in 2016, from Elia Angelini’s idea, company founder, who after participating at the international funeral art fair – Tanexpo – in Bologna. The partners and he decided to create a virtual fair that would increase the importance of the traditional one.

Elia has believed so much in the idea for which, he worked hard and in a short time, he realized Exhibition. Here, I leave the direct link to the page:   … look at that project!

Who are Elia Angelinis’ partners?

Today, I’ll talk about two of them. Elia Angelinis’ partners are daydreamers businessmen. As for him, they strongly believe in innovation.

Stefania Sabatelli.

She is “Miss Marmi Srl” company’s manager. A courageous businesswoman, one of the first marble workers women in Italy. It’s an Apulian company that deals with marble processing.  After the technical education and thanks to the experience in the field, she understood her passion for stone working.

She says: “The collaboration with Architects make me understood how to use some precious materials to make very welcoming and warm apartments, hotels and villas.  The marble combined with a simple small light can make a counter or a wall, a true artistic masterpiece “.

Look at this incredible company:

Stefania, almost immediately, accepted the collaboration with Elia. Strong and determined, she worked very hard at the project, in fact, a few days later, Stefania offers to Elia the affiliation of one of the most important signatures “Stone Memories inciso, nel mio cuore”.

The funeral agency “Aluisi Srl”.

The Aluisi funeral home has six branches in different villages, in Salento, (Casarano, Parabita, Collepasso, Galatina, Maglie and Cursi). It can cover any funeral sector. When you visit the website, you’ll understand it’s not the usual funeral agency!

Aluisi Srl offers a perfect services list that I’m pleased to present:

  • funerals floral arrangements
  • cremation, a practice that doesn’t replace civil or religious funeral
  • the transport of the sick and wounded, home and hospital care nursing services

Here, you have the direct link to the company’s website

The company isn’t the usual funeral agency (with all due respect)! The services are coordinated by Toni Aluisi, the manager, particularly accurate to details which makes the funeral ceremonies impeccable. Immediately, I noticed the eight stores and the flower shop, available also online.

 One has to be able to look beyond, to succeed.

What I’m telling you is the collaboration of three great, courageous and innovative experts that are looking for other experts who want to show in the virtual fair,, services, funeral productions or objects.

Do you want to be part of it?

You can contact us directly from our website and we’ll explain how to do it …

That’s all for today!

Before I go, you have to know that, this is the first, of a series of articles about the advantages of taking part in a group of daydreamers businessmen and pioneers of funeral industry innovation, have!

Stay tuned!

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