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Investing in advertising is the way to success

In times of crisis, the password is ” to cut”. Indistinctly, communication activities are thrown in the cauldron of the unnecessary expenses, to be eliminated.

The list of advantages that your company will get, after signing up and joining Wirebook (which you can read by clicking directly here:   or even here: is completed.

In the coming days, my task will be to list and to tell you about risks and possible objections that you could ask us or simply think about.

Did you think we wouldn’t do it?

It is in the nature of things to have both positive and negative sides …

In the article today, I’ll talk about the first of the five risks that investing in advertising could involve.

The first objection (an investor might make) is that our membership is too expensive.

To answer, first I need to show you the benefits of investing in advertising and communication and after, I’ll analyze the economic part.

  • Communication is the key

Not communicating means to keep quiet. In the globalization era and in the moment of interdependence between human and object, to keep quiet means not to exist.

Appropriate communication activity is essential both for being known and not to disappear.   The network and the new media offer ideal support to make your voice heard beyond any possible boundary  … and Wirebook knows that to go to “beyond the social” is fundamental!  You need to connect with the first social e-commerce of the funeral industry, at!

  • Communication is an investment, not an expense

Business communication is a means to get profit. It’s necessary to set a budget for communication activities. It has to be based on the actual needs and economic possibilities of the company ( as it’s done to renew machinery, to purchase work materials or to increase staff skills).

  • Communication means to growth  

Now, in times of crisis, the only way to survive is to continue to grow. Communication means identity, contacts, experiences, turnover development. The company has to take advantage of the crisis period because most companies cut the budget set for communication. Those who invest in a moment of recession can have greater visibility for the same price than in the periods of greater growth.

  • The economic advantages of the new media  

The new media apply to the communication strategy lower prices than the traditional ones. For example, social media can reach a larger public with a favorable cost/benefit. In fact, joining Wirebook is a zero-cost advertising investment because it’s completely deductible. Your company will immediately get n. 8 gift cards of the commercial worth of 8.000 euros (read here: ) that from the first month, they will allow you to recover between 70 and 80% of the expenses and 1.000 companies share with a commercial worth of 10,000.00 euros. Also, the membership fee will cost you monthly less than one snack a day and it’s fully deductible.  Bonuses, membership fees and gift cards are worth the full amount of the investment.

Join us!

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