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The steps to be taken for

In a difficult time like the loss one, there are many steps to be taken for setting up and conducting the funeral.

 From processing bureaucratic procedures to choosing the funeral company that will take the job or the agency that will take care of providing the services requested, the agenda is full of procedures to be carried out.

Exhibition and Wirebook, two different ways of supporting people.

Exhibition and Wirebook, two digital platforms created with the aim of, the first a showcase of funeral art and the second, a private diary shared in a private and commemorative way. They want to be on the side of the people who suffered the loss, providing an exhibition and celebratory service, above all honest.

 Driven by this ambition, we decided to share an article every day that sponsors companies that have decided to showcase, helping them to be known.

“La Bell’s Car”, a closer look

The steps to be taken for setting up a funeral are many, today I would like to go into the details of one only.  I am talking about the vehicle with which the coffin will be transported.

 The “Bell’s Car”, a company located in the province of Monza and Brianza, is an artisan body shop that has been operating in the car and commercial vehicle restoration sector for over thirty years.

The strong determination and the professionalism of its employees led the company to achieve excellent results, in fact, it became the leading company in the sector.

Over the years, the experience and the professionalism acquired by it, allow it to be at the service of the customer in a careful manner and satisfying him in every type of request. This is possible thanks to the use of highly specialized labor and the use of cutting-edge technological resources that ensure the quality of the final result.  The company offers different services some of them are: new cars and substitute vans, the management of claims with telematic support.

Our attention points towards the short and long term rental service on any of the funeral vehicles or vans setting up and approved for transport and recovery of bodies.

You can visit the company’s website at: 

It is true that there are many steps to be taken for setting up a funeral, but it is also true that, by relying on skilled and capable people, the list of commitments will be drastically reduced.

That’s all for today, have a good day!

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