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To photograph the memory

What is photography?

A sunset, two smiley friends, a beautiful landscape, the sea or the face of the loved person.

We take many pictures to immortalize a special moment.

Experts say that picture freezes the time. 

Susan Sontag said: “every picture is a “memento mori”. The photographs prove the inexorable dissolving action of time by isolating and freezing a moment.”.

How to impress the memory of a loved one and photography

Taking a picture is the way to tie together past moments that would otherwise be lost. The picture links unique moments of our past allowing us to remember them.

The picture and the funerary art

Our job, on the Exhibition platform, is to promote quality and professionalism in the funeral art, often, it is connected to it some pieces of furniture or complementary objects (for example the coffin, candles, tombstone). And have you ever thought about everything else, like a photograph on a tombstone?

On wirebook, there is an Italian company expert in the production of photoceramics.

Useful information about the company

The E.S.Fotoceramica company of Eva Abballe, based in Rome, specializes in funerary and personalized porcelain photoceramics for tombstones and tombs.

The image cast on porcelain, at very high temperatures, allows excellent quality color results making the finished product very similar to the original and unalterable with time.

The result is an unparalleled item.

The most beautiful memories take shape and they will give us greater strength.

All the photos on ceramics are available in different standard sizes for wall mounting with screws and in the version without screws. The photo can be inserted inside the frames with rear support.

The photos on porcelain in black and white or natural colors are available in multiple forms and finishes (like the classic oval, square and round photoceramics). They can be used as accessories for the tombstone, tomb or ossuary.

An example of a natural photoceramic:

Image result for fotoceramica naturale

An example of a black and white photoceramic:


Image result for fotoceramica naturale


Thanks to the most modern digital photo editing software, the company can change the background of the photo at no extra cost.

You can visit our website!

As the companies, we are qualified in leaving a memory!

See you soon!

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