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Video Marketing Strategy

The promotional video is one of the most effective marketing strategies.

A company, thanks to a well-structured promotional campaign and the video-sharing platforms (YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Google Video, etc.), aims at different goals the main ones are: to improve the business brand reputation and to increase sales.

Well-realized videos can:

  • go into the mind of potential customers,
  • create an emotional response.

The key is to involve people to be spokesmen of the business message.

How important is the promotional video in a company setting?

For companies, a promotional video is an effective tool because:

  • it shows the organizational philosophy,
  • it tells the story,
  • it expresses the company’s goals,
  • it describes the products and services produced.

The promotional video is a business card to promote the company and a tool that points out the company’s strengths.

Promotional videos can be useful both to customer loyalty management and to intrigue potential ones.

What are the types of videos that companies prefer?

  • the advertising spot: it’s a one-minute video for promoting service or product,
  • the video tutorial: it’s a technical-training video that shows the use, execution and assembly of specific products,
  • the documentary: it’s a long-video that studies particular thematic by interviews and inspections.

How do I choose the right promotional video for my company?

As we’ve seen, there are different types of promotional videos. In our opinion, for you, the right one is the advertising spot.  

What is the advertising spot?

A promo video is a sales tool designed to educate and to introduce to the customers, product and service.

The video promo is designed to communicate key brand messages to customers, especially potential ones, and to encourage their loyalty.

The video must be clear and easy to understand …

In fact, the main feature is to strike immediately the customer and to invite him to get loyal.  The video doesn’t get lost in small talk because advertises what the company wants to sell quickly!

Today, the promotional video is almost the only tool that can help to advertise both on the company website and on video sharing platforms….

Promotional videos are an effective marketing tool. Now communication travels at the speed of light so to spread a message in a fast and influential way defines a competitive advantage  …

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Point ten: the creation of a promotional video

Why all these advantages?

To get concrete results, a company must have a combined broad communication strategy and we know how to help you!

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