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Vulnerability and humanity

It’s humane nature.

Those who are coping with grief, are in a moment of extreme vulnerability.

We totally agree with the thought that who wants to profit from a death commit immoral and disgraceful behaviour.

The choice of the right funeral agency has to be free and anyone, especially the hospital staff, has the right to direct the loved ones and relatives of the deceased towards a certain choice.

This behaviour is, as I already mentioned before, immoral, absolutely illegal and punishable by law.

The reason why we decided to realize Exhibition, the permanent fair of funeral art, is to help the customer making the best decision. 


We will give some advice on, thought the help of the virtual tour, the furnishings, items, vehicles and everything that could be useful in the most painful and passing moment. 

To this purpose, the page of the blog will be updated every day so it can be like a showcase in which there are different brands that are part of the funeral market.

Today, the page is dedicated to a funeral agency of Talese Terme, municipality of the province of Benevento, has been working in the field since 2004 The company’s name is “Paradiso”, the owner Dario Vessillo welcomes the reader on the page of the company’s website saying: “goodbyes always hurt”.

It is not obvious that there is humanity even when it comes to working! 

If you go on the website, direct link:, you will realize it.

The company promises professionalism, maximum discretion and a call centre twenty-four hours.

On the list of services that it offers, in addition to guaranteeing a national and international transport service to and from Talese Terme, it is able to set up ardent rooms both in private structures, in the Church or in hospitals and also prints and attaches obituaries, prepares compositions floral, provides a cremation service or the exhumation of the body or retrieves the body from hospital facilities for medical-legal investigations.

Also, thanks to the careful and accurate staff, it deals with the paperwork. It sells even decorative objects, sacred furnishings or it can realize marble artefacts.

It is better that I stop listing the products and services that the company offers because what I wanted to emphasize is to remind you that, especially in such vulnerable moments, we must remain more human than ever.

See you tomorrow!

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