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What is thanatophobia?

It’s called thanatophobia: it comes from the Greek thanatos which means “death” and phobos which means fear. Literally, it means “fear of death”.

Thanatophobia is a psychological disorder related to the irrational fear of dying.

Often, it is associated with other problems such as anxiety disorders, panic attacks, depression and hypochondria.

Sometimes, thanatophobia can be confused with necrophobia which consists of the obsessive fear of vision or possible vision of a corpse.

Millions of people around the world are affected by the fear of death.

It is a recurring neurotic disorder in industrialized countries where life expectancy is particularly long.

When does it occur?

Thanatophobia is a disorder that could occur from pre-adolescence. For the child, the death idea is an extremely abstract concept. When it is manifested, it isn’t experienced as an obsessive disorder because it is addressed to others.

Teenagers aware of his own and others’ limits and of death as a natural part of the life path (which concerns everyone), after a trauma, death can turn into a true and real own phobia.

What are the causes of the fear of death?

The research doesn’t have a definitive answer to this question yet. The most accepted hypothesis is the coexistence of physiological, psychological and environmental factors. The main psychological factors responsible for intense fear are often associated with unresolved traumatic events.

We don’t want to make Exhibition a psychology blog but …

Today, I reflected on the expressions that people make, immediately after answering the question:

“What do you do in life?”, I answer: “I am a writer and a translator and among the various projects I work on, I write for a blog dealing with funeral art (…)”.

Now, imagine the scene. Then, the expression followed sometimes by a laugh and sometimes, by an ironic: “unbelievable!!!”.

Reflecting on it, I said to myself that I should write to understand and to explain what today seems like a taboo.

Woody Allen said jokingly: ” I’m not afraid of death, I don’t want to be there when it happens” …

Fear is an understandable and sharable emotion, but above all … you should think about the genius and humanity of Exhibition and Wirebook team.


Think of the Wirebook pay-off: “beyond the social media”.

We are not against social media, we aim at Facebook, Twitter and blog channels to give you the opportunity to live forever (as Elia Angelini said in his book, “live forever” that you will find here:

Thanks to Wirebook, you will have a virtual diary that can be read by whomever you want. This will keep you alive in the memory of your loved ones.

With us, you can go from “I wanted to tell him that …” to “this is my thought for you”!

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