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Applied labels

Among the many mortuary accessories that are needed to set up a funeral, the plaque for funeral trunks is one of the most complicated set-ups to think about because of the format, the size of the tag itself or the material to be used.

I think we have the same opinion, saying that planning a funeral is not what anyone wants to do.

This is the meaning of Exhibition. It is the first platform in the world in which there is a permanent fair of the funeral art, always open and reachable from everywhere but you need to have a phone and a good internet connection.

That’s why every day our blog will be updated within news regarding producers or service Exhibition can offers or the funeral service.  Our goal is to make the funeral cheaper and reducing the time spent to set it up because there are many cases in which the company makes money out from the desperation and sadness. 

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Now, we go right to the point. Today, the page is dedicated to a Sicilian company , located near Catania, the “Royal Plate”. 

At the beginning of the article, I was talking about labels which are already present in the title. Exactly, the simple application of the plaque on the funeral trunk.

This is a very simple procedure, in which a computer and a laser printer are sufficient. The label obtained can be customized because it is suitable for the customer’s needs. To use the application, no specific skills are required because the program was created to be accessible to all with immediate quality results which facilitates the work of the contractor.

The nameplates, made in Italy, are in plastic, also biodegradable on request (ideal for cremations!) and are adhesive to allow maximum ease, even when applied to the hood.  Available in oval or rectangular format, they are already supplied with the company name.

The central part can be engraved or completed with the application of the special plastic film to be printed.

The app provides a vast portfolio of decorations, images and phrases to choose from, to satisfy any kind of demands. On the plate, it is also possible to apply the photo of the deceased.

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