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An unique manufacturing

How many of you really know the processing behind the funeral accessories?

And how many people think that the accessories, such as the truck, can’t be a real design object, unique in architecture and woodworking?

Before starting to write this article, I was thinking that the funeral art is actually less known, in most cases, the mortuary items are objects with a common design, certainly, made out of durable material but with art, have little to do.

Looking through the advertising banners of the virtual fair, on the Exhibition portal (direct link: there is one in particular, which for history and for avant-gardism, has become very famous both in Italy and abroad.

Starting precisely from the cabinet-making business that is the art of working ebony and other precious materials.

“The Rotastyle S.r.l.” is a family company, based in Bergamo, that has been working in the art field since 1830, specifically, in the art of cabinetmaker at first; by which it received the recognition from the Queen Mother in 1922, later, in Italy it was inscribed in the Golden Book.

The inventiveness of the company and the reason that pushed me to use a noun like “avant-garde” is not accidental.

The company managed by their parents, Gianpaolo and Cinzia Rota, and their children, Paolo and Elisabetta, transferred the design, which is usually applied to the world of fashion and architecture, within the funeral, creating unique and precious objects (to such an extent that there was a ruling in 2014 by the Milan Court that condemned a self-styled imitator to interrupt his illicit activity).

Behind the trunk such as: “swallowtail”, “with leather portholes”, “inlaid”, “carved”, there is great intellectual work, creativity and choice of materials. The key example is the trunk realized for Pope John II, in cypress wood, essential in form and simple in style, favored for the material used, which made the piece unique.

Directly on their website: or by visiting the Exhibition’s virtual tour, you will notice that our intention is to promote the quality in the funeral sector, and it is not just words. Have a look!

See you tomorrow!

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