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Banner: what a passion!

The English word “banner” means coat of arms, signboard or banner. In fact, the banner usually takes the form of a rectangular strip or the strip that usually appears at the beginning we page and shows the website name.

Banner is one of the most widespread advertising forms on the internet and it’s a powerful and precise marketing strategy. ..

Banners represent the main and most original form of advertising on the Internet. The marketing strategy defined as “online marketing promotion”.

Banners born together with the first graphic browsers that allowed the visualization of Web pages in which, there were also images, in addition to the text.

Banners had immediate success because they were considered to direct marketing effective tools.

By clicking on it, the user will be immediately sent to the company website or to the advertised product.

An aspect not to be underestimated is: if the user clicks on the banner, is a potential customer, particularly interested.

It’s an advertising way that gives great importance to the so-called  “click-through rate” (shortening CTR). In Italian “click rate”, is the banner users amount: immediately, a system estimates the effectiveness of an online advertising campaign.

The importance of banner advertising


Recently, research has shown that the banner, as a traditional form of advertising, works very well.

The search results say that:

  • banner display, increase brand or product recognition;
  • the effectiveness of banner advertisements is major than the commercials;
  • but only a little part of it is due to the click-through rate.  Actually, only 4% after seeing brand or product banner ads, clicks on it
  • to improve the advertising campaigns
  • is an interactive advertising way to invite customers interactions
  • It’s completely measurable and quantifiable. Its results can be measured by different indicators like number of clicks or of openings.
  • it’s “mobile friendly” compatible.
  • it’s defined as intelligent advertising because it affects a really interested audience.

Another important aspect is the importance of the website, both in visualization percentages and in content quality…

The more useful is the website information, the greater are the chances of a potential customer revisited.

Why am I talking about banners today?

Because if you decide to join Wirebook, we’ll realize an advertising banner of your company and we’ll advertise it on the whole Wirebooking circuit which includes:

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Bring your business in Wirebook, into the Club 100 …

As the name suggests, only the first hundred will receive several advantages.

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What better way to welcome you than to gift you with the best marketing strategy?

Stay tuned!

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