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Effective communication tool is ..

It’s easy to understand that in a business environment, the sharing of information is the fundamentals of a correct and functional daily work. For wealth’s company, the information transmitted by communication is necessary.

The etymology of the term communication refers to “reciprocity” that is, the exchange of information with an external person from the subject.

Communication is one of the essential entries of corporate marketing but it’s often, underestimated!

What is one of the most important tools that a company has to promote itself?

A trade fair!

Our goal is to promote the virtual tour.

The virtual fair doesn’t want to replace the traditional one but it wants to improve it!

To get your room on our virtual tour, contact us!

Let’s start with a list.

In the article, today, you will find a list of reasons why it’s important to invest in the virtual fair.


The fair is considered the most satisfying promotional tool. The test is often aimed at repeating the experience and considers it better in terms of performance than the other marketing choices (sales force, specialized press and business letters in paper form or newsletter).


Those who have already taken part in fairs, know the potential of them, but those who have never taken part in them, find difficult to understand such an investment (in terms of time, money and resources used).  This happens more often in small, unstructured companies. There is no struggle among exhibitors, this is one of the most important aspects of the virtual tour. Each stand is the same as another, there is no better or worse place …


Historically, fairs represent a very important tool to approach new markets. Especially now, with the advent of the Internet

It’s paradoxical, isn’t it? Thanks to the web that is a powerful tool, you can take part in the trade fairs events, in a few seconds.



Direct contact with the sellers has advantages that other means don’t allow to obtain quickly. The sales network and other communication tools (paper advertising, editorials, newsletters, etc.) don’t lead to immediate and direct action, except in cases where the interlocutor we are addressing to, is very motivated to look for alternatives. The fair has the advantage of meeting interlocutors ready to listening and studying.


The fair is very efficient in advising and testing the validity and fairness of the proposed price of new products. The fair represents the fundamental opportunity for finding new customers.


Fairs allow you to get to know customers, suppliers and competitors. You need to be good at collecting information, useful for making changes in the weak aspects.





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