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Focusing on the person, the customer comes after.

From the moral aspect, the common denominator that unites Wirebook with Exhibition and vice versa is to focus on the person and his needs.

Thinking about the customer like a person, not only a way to take money out from.

The fundamentals of both the platforms are humanity, respect and professionalism.  If only one of the three points fell, we would not be doing our job properly.

 When I met Elia Angelini, founder and coordinator of Wirebook LTD, to explain the project, I remember that I perceived the tenacity and determination with which he has been carrying it out for the past four years.

Before going to the practical aspects of the company, I remember that he did an introduction on the looting and the illicit actions that directly affected the sensitivity of people who were preparing to face a particularly painful moment like that, of loss and detachment.

 I remember the anger underlined his own words when he talked about the organizations or the illegal agreements between nurses and funeral directors, that directed the choice of the family towards some companies instead of others.

 “Competition is right, it’s the way in which is done to be wrong,” he said.

Then he added that companies have to learn how to keep up with the times, in other words, companies have to focus on corporate communication and invest in the digital market.

He came up with the idea of Exhibition. The first digital platform aims to put Italian companies in the showcase, that gives to the customers the opportunity to choose from which company contacting.  It is supported by the blog, daily updated, that sponsors all the companies that take part in. 

What is Wirebook?

Wirebook is the central part of the idea. First of all, it is the free and private digital diary that can be access by everyone with a simple registration.

 It works exactly like the diary we used to have when we were kids, to which we told the most intimate part of us, but with the only difference that the diary can be shared because “sharing is caring”.

Leaving an impression, a memory of us, telling the people we have around us who we are is very important.

It is not possible to have an ambitious project like this in which the person is the heart and then, put it aside.

The only way we can do is to be primarily human, putting ourselves in the shoes of those who suffered the loss. 


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