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From the digital to the real

In the era in which everything goes fast and changes at the rate of a click, we decided to keep up with the times by decelerating!

I mean, at a time when the answers to the questions of attentive customers and in which, the offer exceeds the number of requests; through Wirebook and Exhibition we would like to follow the client, complying with all his requests.


Giving him the opportunity to access to the first funeral art fair that he will find at: through which he will have the opportunity to see every type of mortuary preparation, from the smallest to the burning rooms and much more.

The client will need to consult the virtual fair where each company exhibits its works.

The reason that led us to do this, is the idea that whoever is the victim of a loss should not also be the victim of people who, without any morality, reduce this time to a purely economic matter.

Often happens that nurses lure the relatives of the deceased to direct them towards a precise funeral agency, the family is unaware of having ended up in the network of criminal associations that hold the mortuary chambers’ monopoly.

As happened in Bologna recently.

The news appeared on national networks. It reported the case of a turnover of about thirteen million Euro.

Here, the direct link:

What is the purpose of Exhibition?

The purpose is to create a network of customers, which are human beings first.

Elia Angelini, founder of Wirebook LTD, aims at creating a portal that contains both the moral part – the idea of ​​an online diary: Wirebook – and the practical part – the idea of a perennial funeral art fair, through which the customer can comfortably choose from wherever and at any time, any type of furniture.

On the Exhibition portal, there is a myriad of advertising banners, which sponsor different manufacturing companies, sometimes, the same products.

It is not strange! On the contrary, what we would like is to generate healthy competition among producers, clarity for consumers who will be given the opportunity to choose between different styles and decorations

Companies such as “Rotastyle”, a specialist in cabinet-making art, “Verrillo” or “Errevieffe”.

Names and different styles that in common have: quality and professionalism.

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