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What are the benefits of the virtual fair?

As mentioned in the title, today I will write about the advantages of the virtual fair.

How did the idea of ​​the virtual fair come about?

In 2016, the company Wirebook LTD took part in the largest international funeral trade fair, Tanexpo of Bologna. After, it decided to extend on the web the display of products and funeral services.

To extend… how much?


The fair realized by Wirebook LTD, doesn’t stop at the three canonical days but it goes on to infinity.

The virtual fair that you can see here: (click on any banner ad to access the virtual fair directly) takes advantage of the web so it’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The advantages of the virtual tour.

The virtual tour gives the possibility to:

  1. to visit the fair as many times as the user wants
  2. to look at the products in detail
  3. to better describe the product, the exhibitor can insert tags or icons within it
  4. to look at objects again
  5. to visit the fair at any time.

The virtual fair is an added value to the traditional one, it doesn’t want to replace it!

Now, we can detail the reasons why a virtual fair is important:

  1. the fair reduces transaction costs

The main reason for the virtual fair is the reduction of costs. Costs caused by various factors such as information search, bargaining, legal advice, insurance and monitoring of competition.

Cost reduction is achieved thanks to the concentration of suppliers and participants in a single location and at the same time.

  1. the fair represents a neutral sales area.

The fairs take place in a location that is neither the residence of the exhibitor nor the visitor. The location is a natural area that facilitates the visitor to approach a vast selection of products and services without commitment.

Both the visitor and the exhibitor are free from the interference of daily corporate duties.

  1. the exhibition center is the meeting point between supply and demand. Exhibitors offer an interactive platform that contributes to market development.

The purchase comes from the web but the contribution is real.

  1. The virtual fair supports Italian business.
  2. The customer has an overview of the products during the virtual tour and he doesn’t have to worry about the fair closing.
  3. the virtual fair has no time limits


I intrigued you, did I?

You can contact us for more information and have a good weekend!


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