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In Italy, the cremation is increasingly widespread

The practice of cremation is increasingly widespread. It is the reduction of the dead body in ashes through a combustion process.

This practice is admitted by different religions. It is also accepted by atheists who want to burn their bodies after death.

In the USA, the relatives of the deceased can keep the ashes in the urns (at home or in cemeteries) or they can also disperse them according to the will of the deceased. In Italy, it was forbidden until some time ago.

Until 2001, the ashes had to be kept in the cemetery.

The dispersal of them was a crime.

In 2001, in Italy was introduced a law.

 The cremation was declared by law number: 130/ 30-03-2001.

According to the law, you are allowed to keep the cinerary urns in the house and to disperse them by the will of the deceased. Firstly, you must be authorized by the CIVIL STATE OFFICER.

After having had the authorization, the relatives will be able to proceed to the dispersion in open places such as woods, seas, lakes, with no boats.

To allow the commemoration by the law, it is possible to build rooms next to the crematory ovens.

Also, the necroscopo doctor has to collect and store a biological sample (skin or hair) in order to carry out judicial investigations. The sample must be kept for at least 10 years.


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