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The funeral just a click away

Exhibition’s digital platform was created with the aim of promoting the professionalism of funeral companies and services that operate in the sector.

Often, in the previous articles, I mentioned the illicit actions between the funeral agency and nurses done for profit.

It happens.

Also, there are people who carry out their work with seriousness and dedication.

Sapete come si dice: “non bisogna fare di tutta l’erba un fascio!”.

 So, today, I will dedicate the article to all those who practice their profession honestly and who think that a client is a person and after a client.


First of all, the tasks that a serious and honest company must carry out are:

  • handling of administrative procedures
  • sale of the equipped coffin
  • providing the accommodation of the deceased in the coffin
  • guarantee certificate of correct packaging of the bonnet and its sealing,
  • to verify the identity of the deceased
  • certification of regularity
  • to supply the identification label of the deceased to be affixed to the coffin and, at the request of the family, the cross or other religious symbols
  • the transport of the coffin from the place of death to the place of burial and/or cremation.  Transportation costs are significant.



 A respectable funeral agency is available twenty-four seven


The last thing that a family would like in a difficult moment, it will be the intrusion by strangers.

 Here a fundamental component comes into play: professionalism.

Discretion is an important quality.

The competent company will be at the complete disposal of the customer.  Beware of those who want to divert you to certain purchases or certain choices.

 A serious company puts the customer at the heart of the business.

 Serious business is required to dress the body, to set up the mortuary in the house,  to organize transport to the city morgue and often, it offers a complete set-up service for the “ardent chamber”, where you can give last farewell to the deceased.

Also, it must be able to provide all the explanations to the customer, especially the economic ones.

 It releases a quote on headed paper or at least, it will put a date and signature on it.

 Beware of all those who propose the low-cost funeral.

I don’t want to say that a customer should spend a fortune but, don’t let be mocked by words!

 Before making a decision, it’s better to ask relatives or friends and look for information on the Internet.

 Even better, it would be to visit the Exhibition portal on which there are companies that offer their services honestly and transparently.

 Just one click to access the virtual tour section and to organize the funeral according to your needs.

 Death “spares” no one, we do!

See you tomorrow!



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