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Setting up with Moschella

The first few lines of the article could seem a little sloppy.

Yet, when it comes to setting up an event, the funeral, unfortunately, is part of the category, there are many things to think about.

In addition to this, a person is in a bad mood.

Sometimes, I read in the newspapers that there are real organizations connected to the mortuary market for profit, created specifically for networking.

The reason, in fact, that led us to realize, on the one hand, a perennial virtual fair ( and on the other, an online diary (www. is the fact that people can have a decent funeral saving time and money and organizing it in the most honest way possible.

For this purpose, the blog will be updated every day, becoming a showcase for all those companies operating in the sector that can guarantee experience and offer professionalism.

Today we offer the page to a company from Ariano Irpino, a town in Campania, which takes its name from the same founder: Riccardo Moschella, who founded the funeral agency in 2006.

The company offers many different funeral services as well as the management of the entire funeral at affordable prices and maximum discretion.

From handling the bureaucratic management, choosing the accessories, preparing the burial chamber, the company will take in charge all the duties.

Look more closely, the company offers many services, from the smallest such as: the preparation of the entire ceremony, dressing the body, the cremation, printing posters and obituaries, thank-you notes and souvenirs (including processing and printing of the photograph of the deceased) and larger ones such as: assistance to the various types of burial, choosing the right “cinerary urn”, designing chapels and tombs, performing funerary works and cemetery and marble work.

Also, by clicking on the website: under the voice “catalogo”, you will find a rich assortment to set up the funeral with any accessories, from floral decorations (bouquets, baskets or cushions) and gravestones, to the coffin covers to the vehicles.

I believe the article shows the great professionalism and experience that is necessary when it comes to setting up such an important moment of transition.

For more details, you can click on “chatta con me” on the linked website:

We are at your disposal!

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