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Voice of the verb remember

Basically, the foundations for building an innovative project like Wirebook, can only be thrown on the fertile ground, devoted to change and improvement.

We would like to give to the death a new color, not only the ordinary black one but thinking about it in a new way.

The revolution that doesn’t change anything

It sounds sarcastic what I say.

Actually, I am talking about the idea of Elia Angelini, co-founder of Wirebook LTD.

The project is based on the idea to keep the memory of loved ones because he lost his father first and then his mother.

Remember someone is the way to keep him alive

Elia, before starting his own business, wrote a book called “Vivere per sempre” edit by Bruno, that aims to explain in a clear and immediate way, how important is to look after the memories of a deceased person.

When I was reading the book, I perceived a great sense of humanity that is, what he wants to transmit to both projects, Wirebook and Exhibition.

(It’s better to speak about a project at a time.)

The will of Wirebook is that one. Transmitting and preserving the memory of loved ones.

 In digital format, practical and not bulky, the online diary can be taken by the user wherever he wants and wherever he is. Nowadays, I think there are few people doesn’t have an internet network instead of using pen and paper to write!

 Wirebook, is a digital platform, that occupies exactly the space of the PC or phone from which it is delimited and on which it is possible to write.  The engine automatically generates the possibility of sharing the written page (and the video of which we will talk about in the next article), or with all the contacts in the address book or with those you prefer.

 In the book, there is a logical scheme by which the founder expounds exhaustively the main reasons why a person should have a diary and even more, write it (but we will talk about these reasons in the next article).

Wirebook is a tool that knows how to use the social in a clever way, as the pay-off says “behind the social”.


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