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The survey

Hello and welcome back!

Were you wondering where we ended up, weren’t you?

The Wirebook staff took some time to collect ideas and to work on new projects. After spending months “in meditation”,now it’s time to start talking about it.

The first step is talk

“Dialogue arises from an attitude of respect for another person, from the conviction that the other has something good to say. We need to make space in our hearts, in our point of view, in our opinion and our proposals. Dialogue means a cordial reception and not a prior sentence. You have to lower the defenses, to open the doors of your home and to offer human warmth. “

(Pope Francis)

Probably, it will sound like a made sentence. The Wirebook team has been looked for new searches from here.

New ways to tell you about Wirebook. New and ambitious projects about the virtual fair, Exhibition.

After the “solitary” moment, Wirebook and its consultants looked for new impulses in the comparison.

“Only through a comparison with others, through their feedback, we can estimate how much we are worth. To know we did good, when we do something for the very first time, we need feedback. (V. Birkenbihl, 2003)

This time has helped us both to reflect and to understand that the best way to talk about innovation is the comparison with people.

Ideas progress only through comparison with others

To understand what people think about Wirebook and Exhibition or what people think about death, the team invented a questionnaire consisting of 4 simple questions.

  • “Do you think that death is still a taboo? Shouldn’t we talk about death for bad luck? And, if so, why? If not, why?
  • Would you buy a funeral in advance? And, if so, why? If not, why?

Most survey respondents replied that death is a taboo because “fundamentally we are afraid of dying. We are attached to life with all our strength, so we don’t simply talk about it”.  Later, the same people also stated that: “death is part of life. We die after have lived because life corresponds to a cycle of birth, life and death “.

Until now, the openness and union between the different religious cults is incredible. In fact, there are numerous newspapers that show a decrease in the number of believers.

From the funeral point of view, it isn’t an alarming fact. Many people would like to organize their own funeral in advance because they want to choose the ritual, the music, the place, what to choose (cremation is the trend of the moment or burial). They don’t no longer follow, what religion requires. This is why the digital funeral fair is born: to give to everyone the opportunity to choose objects and costs!

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