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To compensate the damage

Today’s article is addressed to a company that stands out from the manufacturing companies often, we talk about.

I was browsing on the wirebook page ( and my eyes fell on the company “Risarcimentofacile S.r.l.”.


Wirebook works with the association “Vittime della strada”. The purpose of working together is to prevent accidents and to support people who lost someone important in a car crash.

With this in mind, I wrote an article about the company “Risarcimentofacile S.r.l.”.

What is it? is an app created to protect drivers from the chaotic world of insurance and to obtain a fair assessment of the damage and the liquidation. 

The key concept is “ease”, as the name meaning.

Not to be worry, we rely on the insurance company even though it has all the interest in liquidating less! ensures proper compensation, avoiding you to physically go to the agency to report the accident.

How much does the app cost?

The app is free of charge!

Also, gives you the possibility to:

  • to repair the damage, it uses more than 6,000 affiliated car repairers all over Italy
  • to choose from 40,000 doctors for any visits and treatments
  • it allows you to store photos and documents about your car fleet (from repairs carried out to damage suffered) in order to show irrefutable evidence in the event of disputes
  • It is also an agenda that recalls all deadlines like car tax or insurance.

How does the app work?

  • In the event of a claim, open and enter a new request. Immediately, the request for damages will be sent to the insurance company. You can control it from the private area while they will be thinking about your compensation!
  • Add information and photos of your car. In the event of an accident, you will have an archive that certifies the conditions of it (to be shown in case of dispute).
  • You can call at any time. A contact person is ready to answer your questions or help you in the event of a claim.
  • By registering, you can benefit from discounts both for medical care and for car repairs.

In addition to the app (available for App Store and Google play), you will find the website at the direct link that I leave here is constantly updated with articles and news on accident and medical malpractice regulations.

They are right when they say that if they hadn’t already done it, the app should be invented.


Have a good weekend!

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