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The virtual legacy

The digital age gives us new challenges. The virtual heritage is a complicated subject, in fact, few people talk about it.

Most of us share a part of the identity with social media, I think that, at least once in life, everyone wondered: “what will remain of my happy moments? Have I been able to help someone in need by telling him about an experience that made me grow? “.

Of course, they are not cheerful reflections to think about, but someone has to talk about it!

It is useless to procrastinate or pretend to be little interested in the problem: the time has come to start worrying about our dear avatar friends and the fate of millions and millions of data that we, sometimes, unknowingly drag into the network universe.

What shall we do?

 To keep the virtual identity of the deceased user, some of the best known social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google have already thought of a solution.

And what would happen if… I wanted to live forever?

Surely, the first step will be to look for a suitable place to fulfill our desire.

For example, if a couple decides to get married, they will look for the right restaurant for the occasion. They don’t go to the restaurant downstairs they go to on Sunday!

If I want to do judo, I will look for a suitable gym, instead, if I want to lose weight I would look for another gym.

Similarly, if I feel lonely or bored and I want to meet new people, I would use Facebook. It’s the same for the job. What do I do, if I want to extend my network of contacts? I create a professional profile on LinkedIn.

Still. And what would happen if… I wanted to live forever?

In this case, the answer is in a place called “Wirebook” (

Elia Angelini, the creator of Wirebook, explains to us what it is.

It is the first platform addressed to the memory of those who decided to live forever “beyond the social media”. It is a virtual and innovative platform that aims to join people (like relatives, friends and acquaintances) regardless of their place of residence and the physical condition, who can relive and share the most beautiful moments of our life.”

 The key is the idea of ​​preserving.

Elia says: “Wirebook gives the possibility to create a personal page called“ My book ” which allows you to keep the best memories of your life and leave them as an inheritance to our loved ones or to share them with whomever we want. My Book allows us to remember and commemorate the closest people, famous people or important dates to remember. We should take lessons for the future from the attacks, the natural disasters and the fatal accidents”.

Wirebook is the only platform capable of preserving the memory of the deceased person. We can’t lose it and we can learn lessons from it.

When I have to make a decision, I think about the way in which a very dear friend of mine acted and I use to ask me: “What would she have done if ..?”.

If I had known Wirebook before, today I could relive her fully, without having to rely on memories that, often, do not remain clear.

 We are not eternal but we give you the chance to live forever …



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