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Planning a funeral service in a few steps with wirebook

For everyone organizing a funeral ceremony is an unpleasant moment.

Dealing with the paperwork, choosing the right words on the obituary, thinking about how to keep the body, which coffin could be the right one and even more, who will take care of the burial, all of these steps take time, character and clarity of mind.  

At times like the one I have just described, it is very complicated to put aside the emotions.

For this reason, today’s goal of Wirebook is talking about a funeral company that is able to plan a funeral service independently and guaranteeing the maximum reservation.  

Below, the funeral agency “Checchin”.

The funeral agency operates in the Pordenone area, specifically in Polcenigo and Fontana Fredda, organizing the funeral ceremony both in Italy and abroad, available twenty-four seven. 

It has been working for many years in the funeral industry, that’s why it is able to prepare the funeral rite in short time, avoiding all the duties that the family of the deceased needs to attend after the loss. 

The agency can take care of the body, dressing it according to the needs of the family which will be followed, later, in choosing the accessories and the articles for the headstone and tomb (you can easily have a look of them on the website: clicking on “visita le aziende partners”).

The agency organizes the entire funeral service, planning in agreement with the family all the funeral, observing their needs and requests.  Checchin has a large fleet of vehicles, equipped with modern and elegant funeral cars, which offers a punctual funeral transport service, both in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to the team hard work, the agency handles all the bureaucratic issues related to the death even the ones regarding the succession.  

The particularity of the agency that fascinated our team is the possibility of organizing sumptuous funeral rites with horses and carriages, available in elegant vintage models.  

This peculiarity is what makes the Checchin, the reference point not only in the province of Pordenone but in the whole of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Here the direct link to their website.

Do not forget that, when you come in, a delicate field like the funeral one, we can help you,

being a showcase for professionals in the sector. 


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