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How to write the book of life

Yesterday, I was talking about the place in which you could live forever…

Elia Angelini, Wirebook’s founder:

Wirebook gives the possibility to create a personal page called“ My book ” which allows you to keep the best memories of your life and leave them as an inheritance to our loved ones or to share them with whomever we want. My Book allows us to remember and commemorate the closest people, famous people or important dates to remember. We should take lessons for the future from the attacks, the natural disasters and the fatal accidents.”

Why would you choose Wirebook?

  • Wirebook is the only platform capable of keeping memories
  • It’s a safe place for sharing personal information because it respects your privacy
  • It is the only platform capable of realizing your own “My Book”
  • It isn’t an information market
  • It doesn’t have any aggressive, bad or racist messages

What is “My Book”?

My Book is a personal page of Wirebook. The page is like the personal diary, not the paper one but the electronic. My Book gives the opportunity to preserve memories, share them, relive them at any time and connect people, especially during the mourning.

Also, Wirebook offers other services like:

  • sending digital telegrams
  • sending flowers to the commemorative page
  • creating the personal and administrative digital family tree

How do you start “My Book”?

Let’s take an example.

  • Rossi signs up for Wirebook to publish the page dedicated to his deceased grandfather. Ms. Rossi can use the button “share” to invite people and to synchronize his contacts.
  • Automatically, the operating system provides an email within a brief message about sharing the page of the deceased. Ms. Rossi will decide whether to send the email to all contacts or only to those he selects.
  • The recipient of the email will receive a short message on behalf of Mr. Rossi that invite to share the deceased’s page via a link to Wirebook. The recipient has to click on the link to be readdressed to the page.
  • If he doesn’t have login credentials, he has to sign up and then, he can log in.
  • The user can also subscribe to Wirebook via Facebook to speed the time.
  • So Ms. Rossi will involve new contacts who will be able to publish other pages and to involve other people.


At Wirebook, what we love most is not only forever but living forever  …

See you tomorrow!


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