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Why do the funerary industry need to be on the web?

The answer is clear! It’s the market that asks for it!

Large or small business has to be on the web because it’s the market that is customers that ask for it. Every day thousands of people (potential customers) find out on the web about what they are looking for before choosing a service or a product. We can be sure about it because we are customers of other companies and we behave in the same way. We can’t pretend it is not happening: the world is changing. Even the way, we buy products and services has changed, it is increasingly web-oriented. Not being present on the web means letting someone else provides the products and services, similar to yours, to those who are looking for them now!


A portal reserved for a particular field is important for the following reasons:

  •  At any time, someone is looking on the web for the service or product that you can offer him.
  •  Why is the number of trade fairs decreasing?

Internet is like a twenty-four seven fair so it is very useful to communicate and to make products and services well-known. Being present on the Internet means communicating and promoting.

  • The market is demanding in fact, it asks for innovative services to keep up with the times. You can’t have a company that moves with the times but it is not Internet connected!
  • For example, you can offer the possibility to book or buy online. It could be a convenient and appreciated service that will bring you work also through the web.
  • Also, you have to be transparent in what you sell when you start a business on the Internet by listing strengths of the products, responding to objections and avoiding boring and repetitive activities. Try to think of how many times you answered the same question regarding, for example, your product or service.  How much time you will save if you put online a document with the most frequent questions and answers?
  • If you have a local business, why don’t you try to enlarge it? In times of crisis, we have to try to maximize our efforts and increase our customers.


Business communication is changing fast. Keep up with us!


 Wirebook is the first digital platform about the funeral industry and aims to connect people from every geographical area who are suffering from mourning. Wirebook has a commercial part called “Wirebooking” addressed to the companies that have been working in the field for long.

Our mission is to create a professional networking companies. In this way, Wirebook can give visibility to our customers who will increase their income and, at the same time, we can help support needy people.

 In fact, Wirebook supports some associations that provide comfort and care for end of life and for long-term rehabilitation after a road traffic crash (eg. Ant e Vittime della strada)


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