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A funeral company’s reliability

Let’s start with an assumption:

There is funerary company you can trust on!

You need to look for them!

It’s not easy because of the grief.

Not sure when but sooner or later everyone has to deal with a funeral agency. Still, we don’t plan the funeral in advance so that we come across some unpleasant situations. What could be done in case of sudden bereavement? You could ask for help from a friend who could address you to a serious company.

Don’t be afraid of contacting a funerary agency. A serious one works twenty-four seven!.

You could choose together whether to set up the mortuary in the house or to organize transport to the city morgue.

The duties of a funeral agency are: setting up the burial chamber, treatment and dressing of the body that will be carried and set in the waking place.

Often, the funerary house can offer a service called “ardent room”, specially prepared to host the body before the religious service and its final burial.

After submitting the death report, the relatives have to set the date, the time and the transportation to the cemetery.

Then, they have to choose how to bury the deceased.

In a delicate and painful moment like the one we are talking about, the advice is to get help from people who are less psychologically involved.

Above all, it is important to rely on serious business.

How do you recognize a serious business?

1-First of all, the first impression is important.

A respectable company works in a clean place.

2- A good company is at your complete disposal for questions and clarifications. It’s available 24 hours a day.

3- A serious and competent funeral agency has vehicles and staff;

It’s ready to give all information needed and it’s not afraid of the competitors.

4- You can get advice from friends and relatives.

5- You can browse the name of the agency on the Internet. You can also have a look at Wirebook, Wirebooking and Exhibition in case there are any reviews.

6- Keep in mind that a funeral agency has to provide the following services:

  • handling  the administrative procedures
  • selling the equipped coffin
  • put the deceased in the coffin
  • guarantee certificate of correct packaging of the bonnet and its sealing, verification of the identity of the deceased and the certification of regularity of the employees and the funeral car
  • supplying the identification label of the deceased to be affixed to the coffin and, if family asks, the cross or another religious symbol
  • the transport of the coffin from the place of death to the place of Honours then to the place of burial and/or cremation. The transportation costs are significant.
  • authorized funeral carriage and 4 necrofori. One of them is a driver.


7- Be wary of those companies where “the service costs less if it is not billed”!!

8- Be wary of those who do not want to issue a detailed quote.

9- Be wary of those who want to do a generic quote with no explanation (function expenses and stamp duties, taxes, municipal concessions, etc.)

The customer has to know what are the extra costs that are normally anticipated by the company (for example municipal and cemetery rights, the costs for cremation, the costs for the publication of the obituary or any holy cards) and what are the costs related to the function.

The customer has the right to request a written quote and to know what are the necessary costs and the optional ones.

A yellow note with a number on it IS NOT A QUOTE!

You have to ask for a detailed quote.

At the end of the services, the funeral company issues a tax receipt or invoice for the entire amount of the service provided.

The costs for a funeral service are exempt from I.V.A...





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