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Why is Landing page important?

Yesterday, I talked about what the landing page is and how important it is for inbound marketing. Today, I’ll talk about the reasons why having a landing page is so important….

For those who have been distracted …

A landing page is a web page that a user reaches either clicking on a sponsored ad (like Google Ads campaign ) or clicking on a link received via newsletter or post.

It’s the best Inbound Marketing strategy to:

  • to encourage the user to leave his data
  • to encourage the user to ask information about a new product or service
  • to buy (if the page has e-commerce).

Why use a landing page

In the Website, information and content are mixed up because the reason for the user’s visit is unknown.

If we had a specific goal, the user’s attention would be lost among pages.

Instead, the landing page aims to a unique and determinate purpose. 

  That’s why a simple visitor could become a potential customer.  

If you know what drove the user, the conversion will be more natural.

“To answer the whys of things, face the how first”.

Thanks to its simplicity, the landing page has no distractions. The user can focus on the requested action and on spreading the company message.

I wrote simple, not improvised!

The landing page is a crucial element for the digital communication strategy because it guides the user towards a clear action.

The   don’ts of pursuing the goal:

  • start with an easy text
  • then put some pictures
  • place a button for the Call To Action (don’t worry, we’ll talk about it later).

The dos of pursuing the goal:

  • carefully study the path of the user
  • think about the reason why the landing page was created.

The page must give the visitor four important information:

  1. What the page offers: the visitor must “answer” this question: “What do I get when I leave my data?”
  2. the offer advantages: why the visitor must have it
  3. why the visitor needs it NOW: your offer must send a sense of urgency
  4. how the visitor gets the offer: the page must make the conversion easy.

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