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A new way of communication

In the digital age, communication needs to keep up with the times.

This is why even the funeral art market has to be updated. In addition to the company that produces the materials, the necessary furnishing items and the different types of equipment, even in the funeral field, communication has to move with the times.

Supporting clear and transparent communication and focusing on the person and his needs. To generate a network of customers, first of all, people need to be listened to and helped.  In a moment of discomfort and deep sadness, in which the sensitivity of the person is particularly shaken by the loss suffered, the person needs to be supported.

For us, at Wirebook, clarity is the key

Clarity allows the person to choose appropriately the funeral agency. In times like this, where the market demands to be constantly updated and to keep up with times, where everything runs; communication has to be clear, giving the possibility to families who have lost a loved one to have the time to think and choose adequately, dealing with their needs.

The funeral can’t be only an unpleasant moment

It is so or, at least, it should be so.

I will explain it with an example. Usually, the memorial card doesn’t remind the person, I mean the personality.

 How much warmer would the memory of that person be if the photo and the sentence were adequate to the personality and experience of the deceased?

This happens because, often, the idea that moves those people is profit from the loss. It sounds absurd, I know but, we believe that the center of our work should not stop at the simple sale!

A diary and a digital platform

With this in mind, Elia Angelini, founder of Wirebook LTD, invented the digital diary of Wirebook and the platform of Exhibition, useful tools to support the grief.

In the first case, people close to the deceased will be able to read the diary written by the person, knowing him better and learning from his own life experiences so they will him remember forever. So they can have the possibility to re-read the pages whenever they want to do it.

In the second case, on the Exhibition portal, the same people will be able to choose from a myriad of companies, which could be the right one for them.

If you don’t trust me, go directly to the websites by clicking on the links:,

See you soon!

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