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Advertising that does not generate competitiveness

There are a lot of advertising banners on the page of Wirebook.

Many of them carry out the same activity, to write about each of them, giving everyone the same importance, article by article, as the goal set by us of Wirebook.

 It is better to explain what I mean by objective.

We want to sponsor companies, bringing out the best of each of them, within healthy competitiveness.

 There are many cases of criminal associations that want to make money on the fragility and pain of a proven family.  I refer to the agreements between nurses and funeral directors who take advantage of the unpleasant circumstance to warn and determine the choice of some people towards specific funeral organizations.

 For this purpose, I got curious about the funeral agency  “La Ginestra”.


“A sector like this needs a different feel, an unusual approach: qualities that represent a separate capital, without which it is not possible to start a business of this type”.

Is it an ordinary funeral agency? I don’t think so.

I don’t think so because not so many are the agencies that are using an unusual approach.

 It is not taken for granted that whoever is an entrepreneur knows how to handle the customer with kid gloves!

 Especially now, in which everything moves very quickly, competition is very high and fake papers would be made to get more capital. 

 I trust this company, it has been working for the field since 1998 in Iglesias.

 It is able to provide from complete services to the personalized ones, such as the floral composition to the preparation of the ardent chambers, to the tanato-aesthetic – useful for eliminating the signs that the disease, for example, left.


It offers cremation services, it is becoming a common practice as well as an alternative to the traditional burial rite.  The ashes of your loved ones can be kept in your home in decorative urns, or dispersed in natural environments such as the sea, rivers, lakes and forests, or places far from the town.  La Ginestra has the skills and tools necessary to accompany you throughout the process.

The funeral agency offers a wide catalog of burial coffins, floral decorations and through the collaboration of external companies, carries out cemetery works of any kind, from the application of marble and granite slabs to cemetery burial grounds to the construction of family tombs and decorative statues.

 I think the list is complete, all you have to do is consult their internet website by clicking on the link below:

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