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Anti-fraud manual

More and more often, I read articles about funeral scams such as:

“Low-cost funerals: coffin and clothing included. Moderate advance payment and home delivery at the time of death. Then they disappeared with the deposit or with the final payment. The last scam designed to deceive the elderly has a devilish aftertaste. Whoever wanted to dismantle it, has called it “the trap of fake “cassamortari””. Undertakers hunt over-80s at the phone promising them full service at their own funeral. The prosecution, which has collected dozens of reports, investigates fraud. ” – Il

Funeral scams are more and more frequent by some funeral directors, who, in a dishonest and unscrupulous manner, try to procure clients (at the mercy of sadness over the loss of a loved one).

 Fraud attempts

I have completed for you a list of attitudes and/or behaviors that smell of fraud.

Scam attempts can be:

  • more or less explicit reports of“known” funeral companies by nurses or health personnel in health/care facilities;
  • the presence of funeral companies(or their employees) in the vicinity or even in mortuary chambers of hospitals or nursing homes, without any service reasons;
  • interferences of funeral home agencies’ operators when bodies need to be transferred to health facilities;
  • parking the funerals wagons at the health facilities to hidden advertising;
  • reports of false agreements with the local funerals directors by the staff of the burial Chambers ;
  • to be put on pressure to use a specific funeral company in a specific structure;
  • funeral quotes often not released or incomplete and illegible. At the end of funerals, some directors give very high accounts;
  • the request of refund for inflated expenses (such as municipal rights, stamps, and so on) with no documents to demonstrate the real supported costs.

We know that having to be careful even in a day of pain is very bad …

That’s why the Exhibition’s team is here!

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