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How we welcome you

“Beyond the social media, we are the protagonists of our lives. It’s up to us to direct our actions, each of them will write or determine our future. “ – Vivere per sempre by Elia Angelini.

The development of the traditional fair

Wirebook is the first digital platform that has a commercial part called “Wirebooking” dedicated to its affiliated funeral companies. So far, there are seventy partner companies!

Wirebooking aims to promote healthy competition among companies, to build a deep network of professionals, to increase the visibility of each company and profits.

The virtual fair is an added value to the traditional one, irreplaceable from the human and relationships point of views.

The company, Wirebook LTD, was founded in 2016, after the first participation at the Tanexpo international funeral art fair in Bologna.  Following, the company realized the first virtual fair with no time and space limits (, complementary to the traditional one.

What are the advantages of the virtual tour?

The virtual tour gives the chance to:

  • to visit the fair as many times as the user wants
  • to look into the products
  • to better describe the product, the exhibitor can put on tags or icon
  • to look at the items again
  • to visit the fair at any time.

There is more…

The main advantages are:

  • to show new products and services
  • to start sales
  • to manage relationships with acquired and potential customers
  • fairs achieve a strong public interest
  • they are seen by important exhibition companies and buyers
  • News media representatives take advantages from the show to publish news about products and trends

So, specialized fairs are useful for product launches.

Why am I saying this?

If you decide to join us, you’ll get the advantages offered by Wirebook that make up a very long list!

We recognize the value of every single cent so …

Wirebook will give to your company:

  • a welcome bonus: 1.000 company shares- commercial worth of 10.000,00 euros that will be sold for nominal worth
  • 8 my gift card: sales value to the customer of € 10,000.00. You’ll be free to choose among three different brands:
  • My Gift Card – Wirebook
  • My Gift Card – Stone Memories
  • My Gift Card – Italy Aluisi

You’ll be free to choose the eight cards you want (of the companies you prefer).

The list of benefits is complete now!

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Join us!

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