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Ceramicarte: the quality acquired over time

I was on the wirebook portal this morning (the direct link:, on the page dedicated to the virtual tour (that is here: While I was watching the seventy affiliated companies, one of them that is a leader in the processing of ceramics, intrigued me.

The Ceramicarte.                                                                      

Who is it?

It is an Apulian company, located near Lecce, in Veglie. The company wants to realize pictures of funerary arts useful to evoke a memory, to relive the good times spent together with the deceased person, complying with the taste and personality of the loved one.

The Ceramicarte tries to look after the customer satisfying every request that’s why it works with a chosen team.

They believe, strongly, in the job they do, trying to do it to best of their potential.

They have a long experience in the digital printing sector, producing photo-ceramics, photo-crystals and photo-steels. The aim of the company is to improve, in fact, the tools move with the times.

Why are they our partners?

Because Ceramicarte believes deeply in human relationships, in mutual respect, in mutual aid and in the transparency of relationships.

They say that the real satisfaction is in satisfying the customer, it is gratifying to receive compliments for the good work produced and the high professionalism of their workers.

The driving force of the company is a great commitment to satisfy the customer.

What materials does Ceramicarte use?

The Ceramicarte uses top quality porcelain products made in Italy marked “Stiltecno S.r.l.” of Reggio Emilia, specific chemical fluxes for porcelain, glass and steel, electric furnaces at very high temperatures. 

Thanks to the experience and to the use of raw materials, the company guarantees the unchangeable of products over time, to the atmospheric agents, to UV rays and to every thermal excursion. The acquired files are inserted in an exclusive Ceramic’Arte software, used to trace the order, then they are processed with Photoshop, according to the photographic requests.

The photos are subjected to a first check, in the next step, they are printed on transfer paper with ceramic toners and after being treated graphically with specific fluxes, decals are obtained to be transferred onto a porcelain or steel glass support.

The fusion in a single piece between the support and the decals is guaranteed by baking in ovens at 900 ° C for porcelain, at 730 ° C for enameled steel and at 600 ° for the crystal.

In this way, the colors become unalterable at the time and at every chemical and/or physical solicitation because they penetrate into the porcelain, being covered and protected by the support enamel.

What does it produce?

Below, you can find some images related to the experience, quality and commitment that the company uses during the working process.

                                                                                                                       Rectangular and oval steels

                                                                                                                     Rectangular plate



We wish them the best!

I leave you here the direct link to the company’s website: and see you tomorrow!




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