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Five reasons and one motivation

In the other article, I wrote that we would talk about the reasons listed in the book “Vivere per sempre” of Elia Angelini, co-founder of Wirebook LTD, edit by Bruno.

 According to the author, in fact, there would be five reasons or secrets as he defines them, “not to be forgotten and not to forget anyone else; five secrets that will allow us, through social media, to look “beyond the social media” and live forever in the heart and mind of those who love us “.


 According to Elia a way to resolve, in a spiritual way, our desire for immortality (science is working on it) and which will allow us to continue living, is the memory.  In fact, in the previous article, I stressed the importance of continuing to live in the heart of those who love us and never abandon it. Elia affirms we underestimate and criticize the importance of attitudes and instruments because we are convinced they are only sucking up energy and time.

I am talking about social media.

 It is true that the social media is overwhelming reality and often, it is lost sight of, I don’t want to focus on the unpleasant aspect of the topic but on that one, the writer paused to reflect and he managed to get the best of it.

The five actions

In the first action, Elia writes “the positive and altruistic attitude is like an echo if you practice it, it will come back”.

If you are thinking it’s irrelevant, don’t do it!

Good actions have to be supported by facts not only words. This is not meant to be the argument about morality, what I mean to say through Elia’s teaching is that unconditional good comes back.

In the second secret, he suggests us to capture every moment using a smartphone that is able to create a “virtual legacy”. 

The third action suggests to think about the “best virtual place suited to preserve our virtual legacy”, which is immediately linked to the idea of creating a digital platform like Wirebook, the digital diary. It is part of the social media but goes “beyond the social media ”, a clever way to use social media.

Later on, this will be the fifth and last secret that explains how social media can act as virtual memory when a loved one leaves us.

The haste

“I am always in a hurry so I don’t have time to write and to look after myself” how many times did you say it?

 I’ll tell you one thing, even though Wirebook is a diary, you can also share videos and photos, not just texts. For example, when you live some enrichment experience, do you have a feeling of wanting to share it with someone?

Wirebook is the right place for you!

Don’t just think about today but think that tomorrow, from that experience loved ones could benefit.

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