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What is fashionable in funeral art?

What would you think, if I talk about fashion and market trends?

You would probably think of areas where creativity and art are used to satisfy different tastes and passions, right?

Have you ever thought about the funeral industry as a world of art?

I’m not talking about the “finished product” provided by the funeral company to the customer but, I’m thinking of the equipment used to accompany the loved one on his last journey…

Have you ever think about it? Well, then …

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Different companies for different people!

If the fashion and the creative world is constantly growing, so has to be the funeral art one.

Actually, fashion and style exist in the funeral art too.

In fact, the funeral sector is a constantly evolving context. For this reason, companies have to anticipate and follow the customers’ need.

Today, we’ll explore together the trends of this year.

Super personalized funeral services

2019? The year of the super personalized funeral!

The so-called “customization” is increasingly even in the death-sector.

What will we see? In order to respect the deceased wishes, the funeral will have a super personalized service.

The double P rule must be respected: personalization and planning!

None of us likes the idea of organizing our own funeral while we are still alive but, death is an inevitable moment. It should be faced constructively.

Advance planning allows you to organize both emotionally and financially. Also, to give to your loved one the deserved serenity.

More cremation requests

Today, cremation service is increasing.

Burial is no longer a post mortem choice. People prefer to be cremated than buried.

In 2018, in Italy, the number for the cremation choice recorded double-digit growth and it is assumed that even in 2019, the request will continue to grow.

Along with cremation, the ecological trend is growing: above all, respect for nature!

Increasingly technological services

Another trend? Technology.

What does it mean?

Funeral homes are increasing  technological services to:

  • to provide information on the web to potential customers
  • to provide digital services to clients (for example, to make contact with distant relatives)
  • to provide multimedia services (for example, direct streaming of the funeral service or cremation).

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