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If you believe it, why do you doubt it?

Is it a rhetorical question? A slogan? Blog title?

It’s the blog title, at the same time, it’s an anticipation of the new topic.

What is the subject of the new article?

Today, the article is about another of your objections: Wirebook can’t work.

When it comes to innovation, it’s not easy to understand many things in advance and skepticism could overwhelm your reasoning. Before you, Elia Angelini the founder of Wirebook Ltd thought it (believe me not only once!).

Do you think, it was easy for him to approve a similar idea? At first, imagine that not even the people closest to him believed him …

Elia had the courage, also he has been able to dare and wade further … now it ‘s up to you to decide what to do!

In previous articles, I described the benefits (click here:, if you need to read them again) and the advantages (click here:  if you don’t remember them, don’t worry! we aren’t at school! Sometimes, I need to read it again. In fact, the fingers of one hand aren’t enough to remember all the benefits that Wirebook guarantees).

  Join us!   

Elia thought a lot before deciding to carry out the Wirebook project. He didn’t weigh on the scale only the advantages. As a smart person, he thought, above all, of the objections that a prospective client might have.
As a blog manager, I have the ungrateful – so to speak- to tell you about them.

Why am I so direct and friendly?

For a simple reason: the honesty of the entire Wirebook team!.
How many times have you been offered projects or products that seemed to be the top of the top and in the end, turned out to be poor or broken?

 The trick is, there is no trick!


The future is digital! Investing in advertising and communication is the winning weapon!

Elia Angelini explained advantages and benefits that your company will get, after the affiliation to Wirebook and also, he weighed your objections (for example, that relating to costs, click here to read the article:   ).

We want to remind you that:

  • The network and the new media offer ideal support to make your voice heard beyond any possible boundary … and Wirebook knows that to go to “beyond the social” is fundamental!  You need to connect with the first social e-commerce of the funeral industry, at:!
  • Communication is an investment, not an expense. Business communication is a means to get profit. 
  • Communication means to growth. The new media apply to the communication strategy lower prices than the traditional ones.   For example, social media can reach a larger public with a favorable cost/benefit. In fact, joining Wirebook is a zero-cost advertising investment because it’s completely deductible.     Your company will immediately get n. 8 gift cards of the commercial worth of 8.000 euros (read here: ) that from the first month, they will allow you to recover between 70 and 80% of the expenses and 1.000 companies share with a commercial worth of 10,000.00 euros. Also, the membership fee will cost you monthly less than one snack a day and it’s fully deductible.  Bonuses, membership fees and gift cards are worth the full amount of the investment.

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