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High quality accessories

On the page of Exhibition, today I am going to write about the “Errevieffe”.

One of the most important brands, in the funeral accessories sector, that stood out from his first participation, in 1992, at the funeral fair, Tanexpo, in Modena, where the attention to the details in the funeral products was immediately noticed: handles, frames, burial chambers, urns are all examples which led the company to be, one of the most well-known in Italy, in the mortuary sector.

The name of the company, born in 1981, located near Vicenza, brings in itself the influence which the three brothers, Renzo, Walter and Gianfranco wanted to give it; getting together the initials of their names.

By this, it seems clear that the company joins in itself creativity, passion and family, being their father a skilled craftsman who left an imprint in their minds and in their hands within the aim of realising a funerary company. 

In fact, the three brothers, thanks to the their helpful collaborators, over time have been making products more and more innovate, protected by international patents known both abroad and in Italy. These are the results of the great diligence and dedication but overall, believing in the idea that it is possible to changing for better only if you truly desire it.

This tendency towards improvement that led the “Errevieffe” to creating an additional mortuary accessories such as the “Busta Intact” useful for the preservation of corpses, the main characteristics are: the disappearance of unpleasant odours, the paralysing of putrefaction, avoids expulsion of liquids, recovering the ph, practical to use during the execution of the work that guarantees the results.  To this innovation, the company added a new line of urns for animals and a new series of handles in brass and copper.

All products are displayed on the Exhibition’s virtual tour, you can see them from home to wherever you are, created within the aim to show that the quality is possible even in the funeral sector.

You could visit the website:, clicking on “visita le aziende partners”.

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