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The fair stays on

In the previous article, I anticipated the five reasons (here the article: that would explain the advantages of the virtual fair.

On the internet, there is little information about it but I found an article that prompted me to write another one, more detailed.

The mentioned article explains the disadvantages of an online fair, for example, the distance between the customer and the entrepreneur or the lack of touching, feeling the weight and the consistency of the object to which the customer is interested.

We are not afraid of revealing the double face of the coin because clarity is the first value on our ethical scale and it is what motivates us to talk about both the advantages and the disadvantages of the virtual fair.

Starting with a question:

How many of you would have the time and energy to take a break from work and to go to an exhibition?

From that question, I thought about new reasons why a virtual fair is convenient.

  • The virtual fair stays on. The fair is composed by stands that are easily accessible to all (sometimes, some places of the fair are not suitable for the disabled), at any time of the day, lying comfortably on the sofa at home or sitting in the office chair.

Depends on the recommended items..

  • Our virtual fair (here the direct link: deals with funeral articles, nothing about food for example. When it comes to food, it is clear that the customer’s needs change. The buyer needs to look, touch, feel, smell the item. This subject is particularly close to a fashion fair.

When it comes to talking about Wirebooking, the commercial part of wirebook (here the link:, things change. We suggest products and companies that someone else would choose in another moment … do you agree with it?

The goal of our virtual fair is to keep up with the times.

How many of you would have the time and energy to take a break from work and to go to an exhibition?

Wirebooking would like to offer to the customers the opportunity to choose the products and the companies that they prefer in a calm and clear manner. Before someone else will choose for you.

Honestly, before starting the job as a blogger, I had no idea how many scams there were in the funeral industry. There are thousands of agreements between nurses and funeral directors who take advantage of the fragile moment to make money out of the pain of the family.

Instead, the goal of wirebook is to benefit from helping and supporting needy people.

In fact, wirebook supports humanitarian associations like “ANT” or “Vittime della strada”.

One more time.

  • In our virtual fair, the customer can find all the information about the companies that are part of the funeral industry. For us, competitiveness is synonymous of value.

So, the customer will save time and he can use it to compare the origin, the costs of the products and the raw material that the company uses.

        The best way to keep fit is to keep up with the times.

See you tomorrow!



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