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How to improve your marketing strategy

Just a few years ago, the company needs were high-quality content to improve web marketing.

Today, for keeping up with the times and not to get cut off from the market, a company has to improve its digital communication strategy with videos and infographics.

Over the past few years, the digital communication main rule was the “mobile friendly”, now it’s the “video first”…

Latest marketing trend is to make videos.

Don’t you believe it? Many brands (like Red Bull) put at the center of their digital communication strategy, the “video first” approach.

The video contents(if well used), as noted by the Content Marketing Institute, can be immediately shared on the main social networks and they can also generate more interactions than any other type of post.

We agree, big brands move faster and make beautiful digital content but … I know what you’re wondering. I’m talking about big brands to you that is a local business!

The reason why I am doing this is to describe to you another advantage that Wirebook will give you if you decide to join us.

To the first hundred companies that will join Wirebook, we will offer the chance of making a professional video with or without an interview ( if the company agrees) and with the sign language.

Video is a very powerful tool. It’s a great way to describe, to highlight the brand history, to communicate the values, objectives and brand identity of your company and to build solid relationships with the users.

Some statistics say that:

  • to include a video on a landing page can increase the conversion rate by 80%
  • videos are content that people are willing to share with friends and acquaintances.  92% of those who view a video on their smartphone share it with others.

The reasons are:

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world;
  • videos are 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of search results;
  • videos can increase conversions up to 300%;
  • the videos are immediately usable, fast and clear;
  • they are easy to make and to assemble (with appropriate tools or with professional services).

Why use sign language?

Because Wirebook doesn’t want to exclude anyone!

We want to give a chance to understand the video content to a deaf-mute and to treat him as a person included in the society and not as an individual with a disease.

Look at an extraordinary example of social inclusion, realized by one of our partners, Tony Aluisi.

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