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Prevention is better than cure

During 2018, according to Istat (the National Institute of Statistics)data, there were more road accidents than victims. The police officers verified 1,878,255 traffic infractions, revoked 42,662 driving licenses and 50,905 circulation cards and removed 2,291,527 points from driving records. In total, 788 people were arrested, 19,251 were reported in a freedom state and 846 vehicles were seized.

The circumstance must be attacked by a social marketing action.

The idea of Elia Angelini

That’s why, the Wirebook founder, Elia Angelini, was prompted by the idea to collaborate with the associations that deal with prevention and road safety. Gradually, he wants to found the Wirebook nonprofit – organization,

to donate part of the takings (from all the companies that could join  Wirebook Opportunity 100). The road safety associations can invest more in ads thanks to the membership fees (the companies will get afterward).

If you are interested in learning more about the Opportunity 100 advantages, click here:

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Do you really believe in encouraging more road safety by ads?

One of the most important parts of business communication is advertising useful in the development and in the support of the marketing strategies.

Since the beginning of time, advertising has a strong visual impact on daily life.  

Today, ads go on Google and Facebook. Also, targeted ads increase success by 65% compared to a generic one.

By social platform, it’s possible to amplify effective advertising messages.

Pass the message on!

We’ll be grateful and the families or friends who have lost someone, like the child of a famous story that runs on the Internet, will be grateful too.

The story tells that the writer was in a Big Bazar and a five years old boy wanted to buy a doll for his sister’s birthday.

“I have to give the doll to my mom so she can give it to my sister when she goes there. His eyes were so sad when he said it. My sister went to stay with God. Dad says mom will see God very soon too, so I thought she could take the doll with her to give to my sister. ”

If you think it’s worth doing more prevention on road accidents, share this article.

If you are a fatalist, try to put yourself in his shoes…

do you still believe that fate can’t be beaten?

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