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How to overcome the fear of death

“Why does dying cause us so fear? It’s everyone’s thing! Billions and billions and billions of men, the Assyrian Babylonians, the Eighties, everyone passed by. And when it’s our turn, ah! we are lost!

But how ?! They all did it. If you think about it, this is a beautiful reflection, done by many: actually, the land on which we live is a large cemetery. A huge, immense cemetery full of what it was. If we would be able to dig, we would find bones now reduced to dust, remains of life. Can you imagine billions of billions of billions of beings that died on this earth? They are all there! We continually walk on a huge cemetery.

It is strange because the cemeteries, as we imagine them, are places of pain, of suffering, of crying, surrounded by black cypresses. Actually, the great cemetery of the earth is beautiful because it is nature. Flowers grow on it, ants and elephants run over it. “

The end is my beginning – Tiziano Terzani

How is death seen today?

Today, death is still a taboo. Each of us lives with the thought – more or less continuous but unconfessable –that one day everyone will have to die. Death was considered an omnipresent life companion (St. Francis called it” Sister Death”). Now, it has become the evil ghost which has to be canceled, abolished, never named or better, in-namable.

Although …

The period where death is more represented coincides with the great work of removing all the thoughts about death from our lives. We see thousands of dead bodies both on television (fiction, TV news, commercials) and at the cinema.

And it is not a case …

To expose death in a showcase means to exorcise it. In the last article, I spoke about thanatophobia:

We all know that we could think about “our time” when we are stop at traffic lights in traffic, when we walk in a park or in the evening, before sleeping. This thorny thought becomes as a blade in the side. It threatens believers’ faith and the one of whoever else has another belief. In both cases, it turns into suffering. We can’t talk about the suffering caused by the thoughts on death because it’s a taboo linked to bad luck, common sense or not wanting to sadden those around us.

So how do we get out of it now?

There is a part of people that avoids the topic but there is another part, that talks about it and works in the sector to make death socially accepted.

Wirebook and Exhibition is the solution to the problem!

Do you have fear to die? Me too!

This is why, I decided to entrust my days, my memories to the first social platform that will allow you to live forever.

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