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Digital fair: why it’s important to go digital

The term “digital culture” refers to the great digital revolution that took place over the past decade.

On the one hand, digital culture affects most areas of life; on the other hand, the term refers to the great digital revolution just passed.

What is Digital Culture?

In the 2000s, the Internet became the channel for mass communication while smartphones and tablets were increasingly popular. In these years, the Digital Revolution started and the computerization affected every area of life.

The Net has become the backbone of the network society. In a certain way, it determinates social-cultural development.

Digital culture can’t be defined as an isolated subject from reality, differently, it’s a  world view, a new approach to life. According to the academic Deuze Mark, it is based on three fundamental elements:

  • participation: from a passive reader, the user becomes an active author of the information
  • digitization: there aren’t any problems of space or data storage
  • re-use of information: user involvement in information which can freely share it and rework it.

How important is Digital Culture?

The world is changing quickly and the digital culture is the material on which the world is built.

The largest corporations know that the best way to keep up with the times is the digital innovation but it’s not enough …

The company doesn’t need to be digitally transformed: not only in technological innovation and staff growth (training investment ), above all, a cultural change is necessary.

Wirebook and digital innovation

Our strength is the agility …

The idea of Wirebook is to simplify business processes and to make communication immediate!

Many funeral companies deny the idea of digital change because they think:” the funeral business has been working in the same way!”

 What makes them feel so sure, yet it is not clear to us but …

If you are still reading, like us, you strongly believe in change and especially, in digital innovation!

If you are looking for ways to expand your funeral home and you want to make it known, you’re in the right place!

Wirebook is waiting for you!

How do you think your company can progress with no inventiveness and health risk?

It’s true: the funeral industry and the digital market have never been too close.  Wirebook aims at putting them closer and at lowering the cheated families.

The market is free … are you?

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Wirebook is waiting for you!

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