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Leather funerary

In the virtual tour of Wirebook, there is a space dedicated to leather processing in funeral objects.

 The company is called “Pubblipel” and has a long history in the production and processing of leather goods.  Let’s see it up close.

A little bit of history

 Unlike the companies already present in the Exhibition catalog, Pubblipel is a company founded in 1970 in Todi, Umbria.

 The company produces leather goods for business promotion and advertising.

The founder, Dei Ricciarelli, with the help of his wife who has practical qualities, built the company that over the years became the family business.

It’s a family-owned business.

The Pubblipel is a skilled company in craftsmanship and working real or fake leather but also, it has been able to expand the catalog of the items produced, including personalized products, according to the customer’s needs.


The production of funeral objects

The artisanal handicraft items destined for everyday life is accompanied by the catalog of funeral products, which is why Pubblipel is on the wirebook virtual tour:, through which you will notice the quality of the leather, the softness, the elegance of the style and the refinement of the details.

 The company has given itself a great deal of fun in funeral production so as to have a really long product list.

 I was touched by the items produced.

It is as if the company has two productions, one for the every day life and the other one for the funeral services.

Pubblipel has become a leading company in the leather industry thanks to the great commitment. 

The list of products is long but I do one shorter:


  • Envelope for documents
  • “cofanetto di fine servizio”
  • “Porta ricordini”
  • “Libro firma”

 I suggest you to have a look at their website:, you will appreciate the union of quality and class, gathered in a product that will constitute the memory of a loved one.


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