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Personalised name print on the Wirebook’s page

Our team, at Wirebook, is very curious to discover how possible is, personalized a name of decease’s person.

Often, in an unpleasant situation like the mourning one, among the paperwork to be done, the painful event, trying to look for the right items; time and concentration could be missing to think about the finishing touches and small details.  

With the passing of time, some doubts may arise regarding the way the tomb was decorated or maybe the chosen products are not the right ones, the finishings do not completely reflect the deceased or even, the format in which the name of the loved one was written, he would not like either.

Thanks to the Exhibition tour, the digital system able to optimizing, planning and customizing the funeral in advance, from wherever the user is, that has selected the best Italian and foreign brands which can show and sell their own products online, the sale is much easier and cheaper. Today, specifically, we are going to write about the company “M.B. Key s.a.s.” based in Naples.  

The company has been working for many years in the funeral sector, thanks to the stubbornness and revenge spirit of one of the partners, Francesco Giovanniello, who wanted to continue the family tradition, and by following the production of the works.

The company mainly deals with producing perforated letters or customizing the name of the deceased by finishing it in bronze, stainless steel or colored. Also, it designs and manufactures crosses, plaques, every furnishing product and funeral set-up in different materials (marble, bronze, steel and porcelain).

Thanks to the consolidated experience, over the years the company has also specialized in the production of statues, in the renovation of sacred works and in the regeneration of bronze objects.

At Wirebook, we talk about it with a great sense of involvement because this company customizes the name with care and love. 

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