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Totem, or touch screen LCD, that is the question

At Wirebook, we always have a finger in the pie! Especially when it comes to explaining the ninth advantage in the list (one of the last only for the numerical position) that your company will receive if you decide to join “Wirebook Opportunity 100” and the “Club dei 100”.

Advantage number nine: totem or touch screen LCD (to be chosen by the affiliate).

They call it advantage, I call it a welcome gift!

First of all … I’ll talk in detail about the totems because the screen is a well-known product (if for some of you it’s the opposite, you can contact me and let me see it).

What is an LCD totem?

LCD totem is an essential advertising tool useful to improve business communication and to increase sales.

How? Read on and you’ll find out …

A multimedia totem is a device that can be used for spreading of information to advertising or institutional purposes. Usually, it’s characterized by a steel structure that can be painted and customized according to the needs of your company (for example, a totem in a shop can reproduce the logo or the shop colors). It may be useful for a PVC cover for outdoor totems. The device stability is guaranteed by a ballast base and to facilitate the movement, it can be equipped with unidirectional wheels.

The advertising totem is a brilliant communication tool. Indispensable to communicate the characteristics of any product or service to offer to the customers. An advertising totem is a profitable tool both for sales and for introducing new products and services.

What guarantees the LCD totem?

The LCD totem guarantees:

  • immediate communication: the display spreads an incisive message
  • complete customization: by the LCD totem, you can personalize and communicate the business message in a dynamic way. The cellulose billboards have static and unidirectional images, an LCD totem advertises a precise message, saving time and without misrepresenting or forgetting anything.

The advertising totem promotes the brand, increases sales and interaction with an advsertised product, captures customer attention.

What are we offering you?

Wirebook is giving you the chance to get one as a gift after you sign up for Opportunity 100!

Your LCD totem will advertise:

  • the product and/or service your company produces
  • the wirebook brand because with Opportunity 100 you will become part of our team
  • your space within the digital fair.

In the future, the group (all the companies will join Wirebook) will earn thanks to the buying group and to the advertising revenues percentage.

Do you get it?

We’re looking for innovative businessmen that believe in networking as the best communication tool and giving ideas to improve it!

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