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Pubblipel – Exhibition Wirebook – Tanxepo

The Pubblipel is a company founded in 1970 in Todi. It produces goods of small leather for promotion and corporate advertising.

The founder is Decio Ricciarelli who has by his side her wife Iliana, an excellent collaborator and performer in the realization of the various objects realized.

Later, their sons Tiziana, Patrizia and Marco began to collaborate. Sooner, they became passionate and interested in the activity. They are the company staff: Decio Ricciarelli, his wife Iliana, their children Tiziana, Patrizia, Marco, their nephews Luca and Marco, their son-in-law Piero, and their daughter-in-law Nicoletta, (this is the winning team) as well as the external staff.

 The Pubblipel is a  “Company with Artisan flexibility” but also, it is able to satisfy most of the requests in the field of animal skin processing and fake leathers, such as coagulated, guaranteeing a homogeneous production, with best quality finishes.

The Catalogs are a summary of what is now produced by Pubblipel. It is possible to customize the products.

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