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How to transform suffering

Even if we don’t think to live forever, this is the desire that involves most people. A desire far from religious and political affiliation.  In fact, no matter how different religions may seem, each of them with their own ritual and practice aims at happiness, peace and the idea of ​​leaving a good memory of us. Without going deeply into the mysticism, today’s topic is: live forever.

Elia Angelini, the co-founder of Wirebook LTD, realized that reality through his own experiences that are flowed into a book edit by Bruno editore, called “Vivere per sempre”. 

The story behind the words.

He was only twenty-one when he lost his father after he got married. That loss left an unbridgeable gap that years later would have widened further due to the loss of his mother. Fortunately, life is made of balance, as it takes something away, gives it back to you in another aspect.  In fact, at the time of his parents’ death, Elia had his first daughter. After the birth, he had a series of thoughts, some about his desire to still have his parents so he could have learned a lot and on the other hand, the idea that his own daughter wouldn’t have had the grandparents.

The idea of a diary 2.0

So, he decided to do something bigger with the sorrow than to live it simply as a problem.

 Shortly, he went to Stefania Sabatelli, owner and manager of companies and brands that work marble, consolidated at national and international level, successful entrepreneur and woman. He introduced to her the project, through a question: “what would you think if we somehow made all people live forever? ”.

 Stefania replied that it was a crazy idea and Elia without having to have it repeated twice, explained to her that to realize what to others seems impossible, one must be little crazy. 

So it was.

 Stefania, after having thought about it for a few hours and a few nights, decided to insert one of the “Stone Memories inciso, nel mio cuore” brands within the Wirebook project.

What is a diary 2.0

It’s called Wirebook and it works exactly like the diary we used to have when we were teenagers, upon which we wrote our day, our experiences. Wirebook wants to give the chance to the loved ones to know each other better and let us live forever.

 The user can connect at any time, from a mobile phone or from a PC, he just needs to register, even using the same credentials as the social profiles and then, by activating the “share” button, the program will generate an e-mail that will send to the contacts that the user has already selected, informing them that Mario Rossi (an example of a username) updated his diary.

Do you understand now, why the Wirebook subtitle is “beyond the social”?

 Roberta Ignazzi


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