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The second advantage

Yesterday article, I wrote about the first advantage you could have if you decide to be part of our virtual tour on Wirebook:

Wirebook LTD is a group formed by three businessmen who have the courage to dare and live the present with their eyes always turned towards the future. They look to the future of the markets’ changes and to the way of working of worldwide large companies (like Amazon).

Wirebook born from Elia Angelini’s simple thought, founder of the company. By the realization of a virtual fair (it’d support the traditional one) and the affiliation of several funeral companies, he’d like to open a non-profit association which economically supports both end-stage cancer patients and road safety and accident prevention.

The main goals are:

  • to make dignified the last days of the cancer patient family
  • to make Campaigns and Awareness-raising Strategies in Traffic safety


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao Tzu  

To reach the goal, you have to divide the route into stages … and Wirebook has so many to accomplish, before reaching the goal.

To tell you who we are and what we want and how our journey will start, I explained the main objectives.

The Samaritan’s Kit

What is the Samaritan Kit?

The Samaritan Kit is a free-set,  we’ll be offered to  (the way you’re going to receive it we’ll talk about later)    to funeral companies that join Wirebook, in the “Club dei 100”.

The set includes:

  • 1 wheelchair
  • 1 adjustable bed
  • the membership fee to be given to the sharing goals associations. Later, Wirebook will found an association.

Who can receive the Samaritan Kit?

 The funeral honors receive the Samaritan Kit as soon as it’ll be associated with Wirebook, in the “Club dei 100”.

How was born the idea of the Samaritan Kit?

Often happens that, a cancer patient (or unfortunately, affected by other diseases) can’t receive either adequate assistance (like the bed, wheelchair or diapers) or the financial aid from the National Health Service that make more dignified the cancer patient last days.

So, the patient’s family is forced either to cope with the purchase (as long as they can afford it) or to make do according to luck.

We think this service can be a kind thought, offered by the funeral agency to the family in difficulty.

How to receive the Samaritan kit?

We ask you to keep reading and to keep in touch with us, to find out how to receive the Samaritan kit because as all the most important things deserve all the attention.

It’s not a scam, don’t worry …

As I wrote at the article’s beginning, to reach a goal you have to take many small steps!

Stay tuned!

See you tomorrow 🙂

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