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Landing page

A landing page, in Italian, “pagina di atterraggio”, is a page where the user – literally – land.

It’s one of the fundamental points of the inbound marketing strategy when the user is converted into lead …

What is a landing page?

 Landing page: the visitor becomes a contact or a “lead”

The landing page will turn an anonymous visitor of your website into a known person. The lead is a person who leaves his data on your website so he will be recorded as information in your database – customers.

The next step to be taken is to strive to make the customer, from potential in a real one.

Why is the landing page so important?

The landing page can acquire the person details, potentially interested in your service and/or product, otherwise, he’d have remained an anonymous visitor.

The landing page is the same as honey for bees …

 Landing page and Inbound marketing

The Landing page is the digital communication center, more precisely, of that communication that promotes inbound marketing aimed at lead generation.

According to the digital manager, Mr. Fracasso, inbound marketing is: “a set of marketing techniques (a method) aim to increase and to convert into leads the visitors of any websites, blogs or a specific profile social networks.   From then on, marketing will work on the given information to let them know about the company’s offer and to turn them into customers “.

Landing page purposes

The landing pages have two purposes:

  • to obtain person details data (by signing a form)
  • the customer can buy directly from e-commerce (if the company has it).

So …

The landing page organization depends on the company’s goal.

Be careful: each goal is unique and specific!

The same landing page can’t aim to acquire data of a potential lead by promising him a value of any kind (for example, 5% discount for newsletter subscription) and to buy from the e-commerce.

The visitor must be focused on a single specific request!

Why am I talking about landing pages?

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stay tuned! 🙂

Roberta Ignazzi

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